Auckland has taken a leap forward in its bid to be recognised as a world-leading city for sports performance, winning the International Society of Biomechanics in Sport Conference (ISBS) in 2018.

A core of specialists in the field, including Auckland University of Technology’s Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand (SPRINZ), High Performance Sport New Zealand (HPSNZ), and AUT Millennium, worked with the Auckland Convention Bureau, in collaboration with Tourism New Zealand’s Conference Assistance Programme, to secure the world-leading conference.

AUT SPRINZ Professor Patria Hume, the ISBS 2018 conference chair, said: “New Zealand has internationally renowned experts in the area of biomechanics, which is the study of human movement. SPRINZ research aims to improve the performance of elite athletes and the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders on the world stage. We are excited to have the opportunity showcase our work and share ideas and insights with other world-leading experts.”

Mike Stanley, New Zealand Olympic Committee President and Chairman, and AUT Millennium Chief Executive, said: “Understanding the functional roles of muscle, stride length and strength can help elite athletes like Usain Bolt for instance, refine their techniques to break more world records. Hosting the ISBS 2018 conference in Auckland will provide an excellent opportunity to enhance the lives of athletes by showcasing the work and research carried out in New Zealand to a global audience and we’ll be able to make valuable connections in the field of biomechanics in sport for future collaboration.”

HPSNZ Chief Executive Alex Bauman added: “Our team of biomechanists are used by podium-winning coaches in order to gain greater understanding of performance in athletic events through modelling, simulation and measurement. Holding the ISBS 2018 conference provides a wonderful opportunity to expose international leading scientists to our high performance sport system and training centres based in Auckland.”

ACB Manager Anna Hayward says sport is part of Auckland’s DNA, and the win complements the city’s core strengths: “Our stunning natural playground inspires many locals to get outside and be active, which along with our world-class sports and conference facilities, helped the team present a compelling bid for the conference.

“One of ATEED’s key industry sector strategies is to become a world-leading city for sports performance to drive economic development and competitiveness and a key component of our strategy is to host world-leading conferences such as the ISBS 2018 conference. These sorts of conferences help to develop thought leadership globally, positioning Auckland firmly in the minds of key international influencers and creating strong relationships between research and industry.”


Featured image: Auckland’s AUT Millennium centre