Australia’s work in levelling the playing field for women as a means of driving economic growth has been recognised with hosting rights for the 2018 Global Summit for Women.

The Summit will attract more than 1,000 leaders from 80 countries to Sydney for a showcase of progressive government and private sector strategies that address bias and allow women to fulfill their potential in the workplace and economy.

CEO of Business Events Sydney (BESydney), Lyn Lewis-Smith, said: “Hosting events like the Global Summit of Women will be a catalyst for greater economic empowerment of Australian women by shining a spotlight on underperforming areas, eliciting tangible commitments from our leaders to change the status quo. A recent EY report suggests that tapping into women’s global potential could be the equivalent of having another one billion people in the workforce, driving economic growth around the world.”

The win follows the success of Sydney’s hosting of the 2010 5th IWG World Conference in Women in Sport. Its long-term legacy, ‘The Sydney Scoreboard’, has become a global index measuring women’s participation at senior level in national and international sports federations and organisations.

Moya Dodd, Football Federation Australia director and integral player in the 2010 IWG event, said: “Everybody knows a country is only truly prosperous and productive when women can take their place in the workforce alongside men.”

Executive Chairman of Carnival Australia and GlobeWomen International Planning Committee Member, Ann Sherry AO, advocated on behalf of Australia’s Global Summit for Women bid: “Australia can showcase our world leading initiatives such as the Male Champions of Change program, the impact of advocacy organisations like Chief Executive Women, and our record supporting women in the Indo-Pacific to enter the global supply chain. World leaders can learn from Australia, and we, in turn, still have much to learn from the rest of the world.”

The bid was supported by more than 50 industry and government leaders. NSW Minister for Women, Tanya Davies, said: “We look forward to hosting the 2018 Global Summit of Women in Sydney to profile the policies and practices which are improving economic outcomes for women.”

(via BESydney)