Liverpool has secured £17 million worth of events in 2016, thanks to ambassadors in key sectors for the city including healthcare and education.

The Club Liverpool partnership between Liverpool Convention Bureau and major venue ACC Liverpool was launched last year. The network of influential ambassadors from academia and business work to bring major conferences and events to the city, attracting opportunities for knowledge exchange and inward investment from a global audience. By the end of this year, ambassador events will have brought more than 10,000 international delegates to Liverpool, along with an estimated economic impact for local businesses, such as hoteliers, restaurants and bars, of more than £17m.

Club Liverpool’s 125 members are primarily in medical science and education, with one-third of all ambassadors coming from the University of Liverpool and significant numbers from Liverpool John Moores University and Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. However, the team is particularly keen to grow in other sectors, such as energy, technology and creative arts.

Chris Brown, director of Marketing Liverpool, said: “The city has a wealth of leading experts in fields such as medical science and education. We know that these people want to bring conferences here, and that the city has a much better chance if they are part of the bidding process.”

Ambassadors have been instrumental in winning eight conferences for the city this year, including the European Association for International Education (EAIE, 5,500 delegates) and the World Conference on Lung Health (2,750 delegates) at ACC Liverpool, and the seventh International Conference on the Image at Liverpool John Moores University.

Professor Barry Pizer from Alder Hey Children’s Hospital is bringing the International Symposium on Pediatric Neuro-Oncology to ACC Liverpool in June. He said: “The ambassadors on the programme are all very passionate about Liverpool and their fields of expertise and put a lot of hard work in to bring conferences here, so it’s excellent to see this manifest itself in more visitors and profile for the city. The process of attracting a conference can be quite drawn out, but having the support of Club Liverpool has made it much easier and simpler.”

Lord Mayor Councillor Tony Concepcion added: “Our ambassadors are leaders in their respective fields. More than this though, they are hard-working; donating their precious time and expertise to work with our team at the Convention Bureau and ACC to bring high-level events to Liverpool. Without this, these international conferences and events simply wouldn’t come. The results of these events lead to tens of millions of pounds brought into the Liverpool economy. This funds jobs across the city region, from caterers and cleaners to receptionists and it is not just the economic benefit that comes from these conferences but also the spotlight that they shine on this city. Every time a major conference comes to the waterfront, it shows that Liverpool is serious about business as well as culture.”


Featured image: ACC Liverpool (Credit: McCoy Wynne)