Guangzhou is attracting investment to advance its lead in artificial intelligence (AI) research and development. The recent 2017 Canton Tower Science & Technology Conference — Global Mobile Developer Conference and AI Summit Forum reinforced the city’s forward momentum in investing in AI and technology.

The conference was hosted by International Data Group (IDG) and supported by a raft of high-level government bodies, including the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Guangzhou Municipal Government and the Guangzhou Science Technology and Innovation Commission.

China has demonstrated great foresight in the field of AI development, with the McKinsey report, ‘Artificial Intelligence: Implications for China’, declaring that China and the United States are the world leaders in the field of AI research and development.

AI has been recognised as one of the most important directions for Guangzhou’s economic development. Guangzhou’s strong IT industry in recent years has given it a solid base of production and research innovation, technology business incubator construction, respected tech education at local universities, investment, and government information sharing as a platform for growth.

Speaking at the conference, the Mayor of Guangzhou, Wen Guohui said: “Guangzhou is a powerful city of national science and technology. The ‘IAB‘ (information technology, artificial intelligence and bio-pharmaceuticals) plan is being fully implemented, with artificial intelligence achieving the most important development.”

According to Wang Guilin, director of Guangzhou Science & Technology and Innovation Commission, Guangzhou has launched several policies to support the city’s AI industry development. For instance, the city will offer a ten-billion RMB industry investment fund, establish a 200 hectare AI industrial park and an international AI research institute in Nansha. “The conference will boost the city’s scientific and technological development by attracting a number of talents and enterprises in the field,” Wang added.

The Canton Tower Science & Technology Conference originated from the AndroidWorld Global Developers Conference, gathering global leaders from the fields of science, technology and capital to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship and accelerate the development of Guangzhou as a high-tech city. The 2016 event welcomed more than 100 technology leaders, 50 famous investors and more than 8,000 participants.

Themed as ‘Meet Future. Here!’ the 2017 conference in October featured a main forum, 13 parallel forums, and a number of think tank sessions. Keynote speeches covered a range of topics, from industrial design to intelligent technology in fields from medicine to sport. Speakers included Hugo Shong, global chairman of technology venture capital firm IDG Capital Partners; Piero Scaruffi, the founder of the Silicon Valley Artificial Intelligence Research Institute in the US, and James Shen, global vice president of wireless technology company Qualcomm and general manager of Qualcomm Ventures, China.


(via Markets Insider, PRNewswire, NewsGD)