In Part Two of a two-part video series, we look at ‘The Melbourne Effect’ – a positive collaboration between the public and private sector, government and education institutions, that is driving the Australian city towards a successful knowledge economy.

Melbourne hosted 203 events over the last year, incorporating some 72,000 delegates and bringing in AU$300 million in value – “not just dollars” to the city.

Speaking at the AIME trade show, Lord Mayor of Melbourne Peter Doyle, the Hon John Eren MP, Minister for Tourism and Major Events in Victoria, and Peter King, Chief Executive for Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, discuss how they are driving economic growth in the city by attracting events that focus on the city’s key strengths, including the education, medical, engineering and technology sectors.

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MCEC’s King says: “We’re a business development entity now. We don’t just sell space. We are involved in setting up inaugural events with a lot of our Club Melbourne Ambassadors. Pre-eminent people from around the world, experts in their particular space, are coming to us with ideas about how to create a meeting or a network. They start off small but we’re underwriting them to a sense, or helping them to facilitate the delivery of those startup events. It does bring enormous value back to the city.”

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