Québec’s internationally-recognised research into overdiagnosis and overtreatment has helped the city secure the leading conference in the field, Preventing Overdiagnosis, in 2017.

The conference will welcome some 500 doctors and researchers into overdiagnosis from more than 20 countries to the Québec City Convention Centre, for the 5th International Preventing Overdiagnosis Conference, August 17-19, 2017.

Overdiagnosis happens when people get a diagnosis they don’t need, and are subsequently treated for a disease that won’t actually cause them any symptoms. Overdiagnosis and overtreatment are challenges to all health systems around the world and the conference is an internationally collaborative event to address the causes and consequences of overdiagnosis, and to discuss a range of interventions to help prevent it.

The Québec Medical Association enjoys a world-leading reputation in the field, particularly since it implemented an action plan for preventing and reducing overdiagnosis, the conclusions of which have drawn widespread interest. It has been invited to present its findings at a number of international forums, where it has showcased Québec and Canadian expertise on the world stage.

Québec’s selection as conference host will undoubtedly raise the profile of the city’s leading researchers and organisations even further. These include the Québec Medical Association (QMA) as host organisation, in collaboration with the Canadian Medical Association (CMA), Choosing Wisely Canada, and Québec City’s Université Laval Faculty of Medicine, Canada’s oldest French-language medical school.

The action plan was the result of concerted action between the main stakeholders in Québec’s health care system, and stemmed from a 2013 discussion paper in which the QMA addressed the urgent need to optimise clinical practice in order to redirect approximately $5 billion to those activities that are most useful and relevant to patients.

“Overdiagnosis greatly impacts the quality and accessibility of the health care offered to patients, and as a result, the efficiency of the entire health care system,” said AMQ Outgoing President Dr. Laurent Marcoux on the release of the plan. “This problem has become a priority and we can no longer ignore it.”

A delegation from Québec, including Nathalie Nault of Québec City Business Destination and representatives of the QMA and Université Laval’s Faculty of Medicine, will attend the 4th annual conference, taking place September 20- 22 in Barcelona to promote the 2017 event.

Preventing Overdiagnosis 2017 coincides with the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Medical Association’s founding in 1867, just months after the Confederation of Canada.

(via AMI and Less is More Medicine)