Business Events Sydney (BESydney) is using the voices of its industry experts to bid for conferences and the legacy that they leave behind.

The Australian city recently hosted its annual Ambassador Dinner at the International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney).  BESydney’s Ambassador Program now features more than 90 Ambassadors from priority sectors in New South Wales (NSW), who advocate for the city and State as a hub of business, knowledge and innovation. Seven new additions in 2017 included leaders in banking, science and technology, biomedical engineering, and obstetrics and gynaecology.

CEO of Business Events Sydney, Lyn Lewis-Smith, said the Ambassador Dinner recognised the vital role ambassadors play in raising the global profile of NSW.

“BESydney promotes NSW on the world stage, and our Ambassadors, who are all leaders in their field, help Australia secure prestigious international events and conferences to increase our global competitiveness.”

During a video at the presentation, Sydney: Roadmap for Future Generations, David Thodey AO, Chair of CSIRO and Jobs NSW, and a new Ambassador in 2017, noted: “When you bring events to the city it showcases it to the world. People come here, they get excited about what we’re doing, but also it leaves something behind. I think it’s really important not just because we create jobs through business events, it’s about thought leadership, it’s about being in the midst of where real things are happening.”

(Video credit BESydney)